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Rhymes For Trusting In God.

Standing on something that never broken down,

I hail thee never in a melt down,

Beautiful ladies loving me like pieces,

When am I not a broken pieces.

They want me to fall,

But ever ready to call,

Even though Jesus was my tall,

Jesus help me I don't want to be dull.

That was it when I got my contract,

But never a victim of cataract,

Many things came as an hurdle,

I said I want to overcome my struggle.

Not in isolation,

Who are you to give me victimization,

And I can trust God for elevation,

We can always start this day in celebration.

The government cares for nobody,

One day,I will become somebody,

Even in my adversary,

I can enjoy my anniversary.

To those who see me as nonsense,

Cannot but enjoy my sense,

To those who are evil,

I know they will be chased as weevil.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write...... Thank you Lord.

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