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Social Media Is A Representation Of Your Personality.

Many people have said that it depends on your mood before posting on social media. If you are happy about something it will reflect on what you are posting.Naturally, people don't think much before posting. They don't evaluate the pros and cons.They just post on their social media status.To some people they are catching fun.At least those who know will enjoy it.Your joke should be limited.it should not formed the major part of your life.The main aim of joke is to pass information that will change people from bad to good.

Come to think of it.If you have great people on your contact list. Will you be posting joke all the time.If they want to help you out on something. They will know from what you are posting.You don't have a direction. Life is beyond joke.Nudity posting is wrong .I bet you don't want to be known for such. It does not portray you to be a responsible person. We are responsible for what we do. We should not be saying it does not concerns me. When it happens, it will affect you. Your brain needs to be configured for good things. Not nudity or porn video.

People are free to do whatever they like on social media but it should be positive.There is nothing we can't do right if we are ready. We have a choice to be picking.It is possible to be having many challenges of life than watching those things will make you happy.It's a temporary happiness. Your mind will reflect it back to where it started. You should create your own happiness

Posting on social media should be for the purpose of education.Teach the society what they need to know and how things can be better for it.We are not different from others who are doing it. It's a thought that became a reality. People should be told to do the right thing irrespective of how difficult it's.You never can tell if people are watching what you do on social media. Don't be surprised that they can use it against you in the future. Nothing is totally gone.We still have people who will remember it.You can't lie from what you have posted with your name. It's an indelible mark that cannot be erased.We have been given the right thing to do because we have a conscience.

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Note:In God that I write.....Thank you Lord

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