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Word Usage For Consoling Moment.

Often times we are encountered with the challenges of life. So heavy that it can make a strong man to cry. It very painful if you lost someone very dear to you.We would want to console the person to be firmed and not to be over thinking because he knows better than us.Death is inevitable to us as human.When you are not born, you cannot die but when you are born. You will surely die.Most importantly, you will enjoy this in addition to your previous learning.They are as follows and namely.

(1)I heard what happened. My deepest sympathy, surest.

(2)I am very sorry to hear your father has died.

(3)John,my deepest sympathy on your sad loss.

(4)I heard about your tragic loss. I am extremely loss.

(5)I hear your grand mother had died. I am sorry

(6)Please accept my condolences

(7)I am very sorry to hear about your Uncle. He was such a good man.

(8)It's difficult to believe but you are most assured of my encouragement to stay strong.

(9)He is gone but be strong and find things that will make you happy.

(10)You lost him.Be cheerful and find strength in those who are still alive.

(11)Take consolation in him.It's well with you.

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