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Being A Fraudster Because Of Unemployment And Bad Governance.

Fraudster is a false way of getting money from someone in the belief of being smart.It's now a thing to worry about because of unemployment in the country. Nigeria as a case study.The rate of unemployment is very high and those who are very good for the job were not taken because of the people at the top.Those who don't know the job were given because they have people in power.It's frustrating if you have the capacity to do the work and were not given.

These attitudinal behaviour has made people to create a job to dupe people without thinking about the consequence. I have to survive. Nigeria is not helping the Youth.No conducive environment to start a thriving business. We are happy that duping people can make a lot of fortune.What will come out of the sweat of others who are not happy with the money you have gotten. If it were their last card they gave out to you.You were happy because the money was huge.You start spending for people including your family,girlfriend etc

Your money has arrived.You are the biggest boy in town using one of the most expensive car.You are now enjoying the business that it will not come to an end.You can kill people or use jazz on them.Other legal businesses are not attractive to you except the new found job that pays faster. We are developing any means to get it done instead of using the same brain to make money in the right way.Perhaps you are influenced by the society who don't care much about your personal growth and development. Yes you are right but we are in the same country that people have succeeded not into duping. They did a legitimate work and were blessed.

They don't have two heads.They worked until the grace speak for them.We are always on the move to make a lot of money without sacrifices. Things that were not there before. The elderly knows better than us.This rich and quick syndrome is killing the youths.They are always ready to use anybody to make money.They can't suffer and enjoy the money later.They want to start using the car that can take years to get now.

They belong to the new generation of faster money.If I don't make money,what's my gain. As if the money will come in just a day. Many of them don't pity their parents because of the years of nurturing them to grow.They don't want to suffer like they did but can't work the right way to make money.

The parents don't bother about where they are getting the money.They are very happy that they were now eating the fruit of their labour.They pray for him to get more but don't understand the pain they gave to people who are the sources of the wealth.

They are caught by the government for their evil deeds and were being hanged to death.What a pity!look at the children of someone's else parents. As a parents they are crying because their child will be no more.You knew their birth till their death. A parental lost of a children and agony in the heart and  nothing is beneficial in being a fraudster. The enjoyment is temporary. You lose your life.You lose your family. You lose your good friends. You lose the so called beautiful girls. You lose all your property to the government.

You make a bad name for the people to see.You lose God's protection and mercy.You lose the holy spirit who should be your teacher.You lose help because of what you have done.

You let your parents curse the day that you were born. You die in their presence.It's very possible you will miss heaven. But based on the scripture. Your actions is condemned and has some punishment attached to it.

The first class graduate are not sure of getting a job.On the day of graduation they will give them small money for their labour in the time past.Is that the best that the school can do?Not encouraging a total commitment to an outstanding degree should be given something worthwhile.

We are yet to see an institutions that will celebrate an outstanding degree. This brain needs to be encouraged because they will be our future pride if nurture very well. 

This attitudinal behaviour cannot encourage the students to start aiming for the same price.Their fellow students will insinuate upon all the effort for a first class. Is that the only thing the school can do for them?The government and private sectors.

Unlike other things that should not be given attention to are the one we are celebrating. I would not want to mention it but we know it ourselves. Condemnation should be for the majority. Education is not encouraging people because of what we are celebrating.

If it is properly done can make students to show commitment in education.They can read with the hope of getting something and which will better placed them ahead of others.Those who are being discouraged about it can show interest because of the reward for their labour.

The development and growth we yearn for can start manifesting because we are placing the right people at helm of affairs. The future generation will be happy because of those people who have had the privileges of ruling the affairs of a nation.

Education should cater for and deploy the mechanism for its success.This is the only thing that can touch the lives of many in any nations of the world.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.....Thank you Lord

Graciously Eminent thinker of our time

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