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Nigerians Are Not Happy.

The labour of our heroes past is fading away,

Unemployment is killing the youths,

First class graduates are begging for a job of low pay,

The elite are getting a fat pay because they are in power.

The commoners are finding it hard to get one,

Ritualists are killing people for money,

Education is not the best legacy,

Basic amenities are not enjoyed by the masses,

Wrong people are put in the helm of affairs.

The cry of the innocent speaking for mercy who died unjustly,

Little help by people is known to the world,

Religious leaders are shying away from the truth,

We have turned to an handicap who can't be sure of good work for pay.

Most people are begging for money to survive,

Your talk is to get more from the government,

No where is safe to stay,

You are not sure who to trust.

People have turned to a night watch who prays to be protected,

You can't say the truth in peace,

If you do continuously you are risking your life,

People are not trusting God for judgement.

They are take law into their hands,

Few are rich while others are poor,

We are fighting ourselves because of religion but keeping quiet not to offend our leaders and resisting changes,

People fear men more than God.

What will favour the majority are not to be considered on time,

But the few ones are considered as a matter of urgency,

Many ladies take delight in the money but not the future,

Honest opinions are attacked by people.

People don't want to stand for a course,

Nigerians are lamenting who has a direction,

Fraudsters are enjoying their illegal wealth,

The knowledgeable ones are waiting on God.

When is their cry going to reach heaven,

Policies and programs are affecting  the masses,

People are not sure of a three squared meal.

The rich can afford to eat well,

But the poor are getting poorer,

The rich are getting richer,

We eat to survive and just to stay alive.

Evil is good and good is evil,

Who has held us for long on this terrible situations,

To fear God is the least we can do,

To help will be to rethink.

You must serve a man for your turn,

An activist is considered fighting his own way to the top,

No man is to be trusted even though he meant well,

People are looking for an illegal way to be rich.

Poverty should have left their families,

We cannot continue going this way,

Parents and spiritual leaders prayers should be potent,

This life is to be enjoyed with money.

Righteousness and holiness are no more considered by people,

If it's explained the more,

The world would tag you holier than thou,

When you are not God,only God is holy and righteous.

Lucky ones got a good job,

Forming it was my power and might,

If I didn't prepare I would not be given one,

Don't think you know when God didn't help.

Those who had enjoyed the good old days,

Are blaming the lazy youth,

Who are working harder but no result to show for it,

If the necessity are put in place things will get better. 

Old man is looking at the heaven for miracle,

Who can put a smile on his faces,

If Nigerians can be happy,

When things are working as we have expected.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.....Thank you Lord

You can mail me at babatundeajadojoseph@gmail.com

Graciously Eminent thinker of our time

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