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[Part 2]Social Media Skills You Needed For Connection.

It's more polite to greet as "Good morning".By response it should be "Good morning" not "Morning".We are to inculcate politeness in our ways of life. You are not higher than me neither am I. Same is applicable to " Good evening".By response it should be "Good evening".English should be to inform,persuade and develop.Other contemporary English will not ask you to be rude.Don't be part of those who are used to saying that English has no respect. All modal verbs are created for a reason as to the one that has respect for the people. For instance " May I come in"?.This is asking for your permission or access.

Respect is must to do because you are not getting any younger. You may not be in your middle age but you are more matured and you would love to be respected. English has made it so clear that you can earn respect by giving others. For instance, I so much love your work, you are marvelous ,you can sing well. It's a good compliment, you respected and appreciated him.When you are learning what's new. You have a choice not to reply or comment on social media. No one else has it bought for you. There is a room for private chat to verify the information sources. For instance, your posting was good,it would not have been more better than this. You have given me an happy hour.

When you are being alleged. You don't need to start cursing or fight one another.Be calm,use your writing skills to answer their question. I was was alleged of a whopping sum of money. Permit me to say a word here.I have the evidence against them to clear my name for further deterioration. We shall be meeting in soonest.

When you make a mistake. You should acknowledge your mistake.It was from you.No need to argue further.Accept the correction and move on.For instance, point of correction, we would be having a round table discussion instead of by way of correction, we would be having a round table discussion.

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