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You Do Not Have Friends Who Really Cares.


Friends are not really in love with you,

They care when you are still given,

When you stop given they start hating,

But never considered to do same,

Never considered being generous for once.

That was not how you were created,

No one is too poor not to give,

Too rich not to receive,

You are loved when not making an impact,

Start making an impact they start given attitudes.

Respect comes with money and fake love,

Say things you will like to hear,

They are studying to pull down,

Forming their own caucus,

Full of lies and deceit.

No true words is left in them,

Don't care to start changing,

They want to live like that,

You created your own behaviour,

Out of the beautiful things God can give out.

You chose to give people pain and discomfort,

Who want to be like you,

No one is interested,

Boss I like that,

Let's create our own life.

More people are needed,

He can intimidate us too much,

Doing things as if he got everything,

Allow him to be frustrated,

He didn't salute our powers.

The rulers of the entire world,

You will use it to do yourself,

For how long will you be a fake friends,

Who has chosen the wrong path to life,

Continue with this you are doing,

One day you will get what you have planted,

It's the surest way to live by,

You won't say you were not told,

All there is a good name,

Desist from what's not beneficial,

Don't think people have forgotten your true behaviour.

We are created differently and uniquely,

Good character will judge us all,

When there is time,

No one is perfect but make but make your life worth living,

Don't know that you have been hurt,

What they did was never a wrong,

Only playing safe and pretend to be good,

Have a good conscience,

When you have wronged people,

Don't say sorry to deceive others.

If anything touches you,

Change your ways before it's too late,

Keeping quiet does not mean weakness,

Keeping quiet does not mean stupidity,

Man has a lot to say but keeping shut.

Until what he has will be known,

Don't test the quietness of a man,

Who has so much to say out,

Time is short,

Let the trumpet sound to those near and far.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.....Thank you Lord

Graciously Eminent thinker of our time

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  1. Well done. I see the idea about deceptive friends (sure they exist), but to generalise that, ' you do not have friends that really care'...is a over exaggeration. THERE ARE REALLY MANY friends that care TRULY.
    More graces&Divine insight I wish you as you right.

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