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Beauty versus character of a woman.


Giving a beauty to behold,

Turning  her head,

Selecting her lover out of many,

She needed to be praised and worshipped,

A lady of royal class,

Who came from another planet,

A special birth,

Ignoring people who will chat,

Hey man!have we met,

Ask her a polite question,

She start pretending again,

If he came to help her,

What can you offer me,

She asked to confirm.

Thinking she is all that matters in life,

Does not want to learn and grow,

My beauty is a course that needs to be learnt,

She is not futuristic,

Want to party hard,

Singing in the church.

Giving people Goosebumps,

Seeing who will be her lover,

Someone else can do all that,

She felt my type,

One in a million,

A delight to the people.

What are you representing to the world,

Celebrate people because of money,

No money,no love,

Nothing to emulate in her,

Men chasing the body but forgetting her character,

Marrying a girl of this type,

Is like a hell on earth,

Can she build a home?

Can she encourage you to be great?

Can she encourage you to be in the faith?

Can she be humbled before men?

Can she be given compliment by people

Can she be of help.

Can she be that generous?

Can she encourage you to start a business?

Can her words be her bond?

Can her words be the healing?

Can she respect people?

Can her yes be yes?

Can she wish others well?

Can her no be no?

Can you look at her and smiles?

I didn't waste my time waiting on God

She is a woman who fears God and ready to love and care for the family.

Do you know much about her family?

Search her in your religion,

They are not hidden in him,

They have perfected pretence,

You can fall with her words,

If you lust and get close.

Study and apply wisdom,

Look and take second thoughts,

Don't regret when you have spent everything,

Will they welcome you in the family?

Why are you getting married?

To add to divorce or encourage a good home.

You give her money she spend all,

Spend this money,you can't take it to heaven,

Fail to apologize,

When you didn't ask her to,

Use money to survive,

Accept me for who am I,

How many children will you have,

She is not seeing the reality of life,

If money seize,how do we want to survive,

Won't she start being adulterous?

Can she bear the burden of hardships?

It's one of those things,

We can find in marriage,

Won't she be proud that she is the bread winner,

Calming because you are feeding her,

Once she got the job,

She starts giving attitude.

Can you marry her virgin or non-virgin?

How do you know the right one?

Who makes everywhere nice and cool,

Hiding her character,

Showing what people love to see,

Ladies who pretend when dating.

Will regret if they have been sincere,

Marriage will expose you and your character,

Ladies stop pretending but marry the one you love,

Is she a sex addict,

Who like it always as food,

But was initiated by people

Who are a good tester?

It could be the cause for a marital divorce need to guide against it now,

They are building their marriage on sex which cannot save it

Except a good,renew and character based

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord.

Graciously Eminent thinker of our time

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