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End Sars-An actions worth celebrating.

If people can stand to fight for their right in Nigeria. It is something beautiful that have started. I never thought things of this nature can happen in our dear country, Nigeria. I must commend all those involved in these  protest. They are doing a great work. People have said that it is until we are tired that our voices can be heard. Nigeria is not for the selected few. It is for everybody to make use of. If you are representing us at any political position. Don't consider yourself a man too big not to do the right thing. You should be careful about the name of your family. Money could be attractive but remember good name is priceless. You were there for a reason and such reason should be your utmost priority.

This is the beginning of new Nigeria.To remind us that no one is God and always put into use your conscience. You can study what others have done and look for a way to do the right thing.Keeping quiet has resulted into taking the bull by the horn.You have every right to say it was politically motivated but remember that he who knows it feels it.When you are enjoying consider that others need help.The protest is not only to fight against end SARS but to fight for good governance, welfarism and good salary structures at all levels ,good education and revitalization of health sectors, employment opportunities,good roads network, constant power supply, good pipe borne water, price control and infringement of right. 

It's now clear that we are not a coward but the appointment time has not come.When the appointment time is not yet there won't be heavenly backing.Also, to a man who is praying to be successful.When his timing is right you will be surprised by how God can bless a man but he needs to work towards it.God has not forgotten Nigeria, the prayers of the righteous is very strong to do wonders.He is all powerful and everlasting.God has not done with the business of Nigeria.He is watching us and keeping calm.Can something be difficult for God to do?No way it may take time but it will surely come to past.For the evil doers who are happy with what they are doing. They need to stop it because he is coming to deal with you. 

The elected leaders who is storing the money meant for the people does not fear the one who created them . It is possible that you have the money and cannot use it because it was gotten unjustly and the cry of the innocent ones are far reaching heaven. Do you think that God who created the heaven and earth within seven days will not do something to save his people. It is not possible. Our time has come to save the future generations because if we do not do it. They won't be happy with us.

Shame is attached to people who are testing God. And who think they came to this world to make people cry or suffer.Those who are in charge of our wealth are fighting us with hunger and what have you and they are eating well.Doing what they like in the midst of plenty. You are not a business man who worked for the money. You are getting your own shares as you are working. But the one that should be for the masses  are still being hoard or with no reasonable sum of money to pay theirs workers. A leaders work is to do the right thing for the people. We voted them in power to make life meaningful for us. They should be careful not to allow God stop their government because a King that did well will not be forgotten and same as one who did not do the right thing will not be forgotten. You are given the grace to write your name in Gold. It is not left for you to think and do the right things.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write..... Thank God

Graciously Eminent thinker of our time

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