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God Is Still The Greatest Everything Is Given To Him All Alone.


My dear people keep glorifying him,

The one you can't describe finish,

All his word are powerful and true,

He said it has finished that all maybe one.

What a mighty God that sinners who changes can be a new man,

The churches are growing because of him,

The makers of all things invincible and vincible,

I reckon with a man of many greatness.

That spread throughout the far end of the world,

God cannot be stopped,

God living in our conscience,

God whose wisdom,knowledge and understanding supersede all.

God in the heart of men doing right,

God whose great work can't finish,

The man who nobody can't ignore,

He who forget God has lost many treasures.

The battles and difficulties of life

is solved through him,

Father of the fatherless,

The beginning and the end,

The last but not the least.

The powers that conquers all things,

The just and true God,

Nothing is hidden through him,

In him we see,live and move.

He is worthy of our praise,love and thanksgiving,

The earth proclaiming his goodness for what he is,will be and continue to be,

Surround yourself with him who is all powerful,

The everlasting joy.

The loving man,

A man who said it and it came to past,

He became new everyday,

Everything I see,cherish and admire

 I found him in the holy trinity and always,

I will celebrate him as a living God.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord.

Graciously Eminent thinker of our time

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