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[Part 2]Nigerians Are Not Happy.


A family giving birth to many children,

And sharing the blame to the government,

Who didn't ask them to be a father of all nations,

Poverty is now the commodity created by men,

Who refuses to do the right thing.

Take money and complete the work,

You should be happy that we still remember you,

You need the money to survive,

Be for us and you are still in need,

Money is respect you get even if you are the youngest.

Get money and be given sweet name which was not there when they gave birth to you,

People derive joy in pulling others down,

As if that was how you were created by him,

We are living to join him someday.

Preachers are saying their own,

You hardened your heart to him,

I want to chop this beautiful girl,

I can't wait to taste this tempting body.

Afterwards crying to God to give back his destiny,

Wasn't my fault the lady became a strongest temptation I can't ignore,

They never knew she would take their destiny away,

When God didn't ask you to be a distributor of blessing.

Oh heavens!I need this really quick,

Many have perished because of this weakest self control,

Men have turned to lovers of all women,

Confused who to pick.

I will marry one and be supporting their ministry,

You can't close your two eyes,

And pretend not to love,

When I am not a wood.

Who didn't have a feeling,

You will now be envious of those, 

Who have taken charge of their lust,

When you have lost yours because of dead holy spirit.

Be responsible for your action,

You like what you are experiencing,

Know your mistake and correct it,

While still alive and active.

You cannot blame everything on the government,

They are not perfect,

Let's come together and do the needful,

Before we suffer as to enjoyment.

The time is right for us,

We are not too young to question,

The authority of their government,

The country belongs to all of us.

Not a single one built all those things,

That we are enjoying now,

It was our collective efforts,

That made us who we are,

Let's give this country what we can't forget in a hurry,

The new Nigerian is possible through us.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.....Thank you Lord

Graciously Eminent thinker of our time

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