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Men apply wisdom when in a relationship.

Men should have understood better the regret they should not have started with a lady .Men should always take precaution when they are starting their love life with someone. You are not to start given a lady money to win her your love.She has parent who can do that for her.You are not supposed to start given her money at the start of the relationship. You are not a Father Christmas. She didn't ask you for money.You were convinced and you start given her.She will thank you anyway.Most of these ladies are in a relationship but they are just using you to better their lives. You will be surprised when their introduction will come out. You will be like what happened to me for the money spent without a profits. Not your goal for sex but a business that should give you profits. 

It's has gotten so bad that if you are given a lady five thousand naira per months and she sees a man who will give her more than you. She will drop you and go to be in a relationship with another person because of money. People don't really have a conscience anymore.

Some ladies will say that are you not seeing the red flag. He is too stingy when the word of God says you should be responsible and satisfy your wife and not your girlfriend. Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you. Rejoice in the wife of your youth. Proverbs 5:18

Love is the most important in a relationship. Don't perform the role of a husband while still in a relationship. Don't waste your time on a lady of no future. Stop impressing a lady with money. Let it start from friendship and you start studying each other. Ladies love money they will think you are the money bag they can depend on. Get your priorities right before considering being in relationships with a lady.

Money is good but don't based your relationship on money at the expense of other things that needs ultimate attention. Your value should be the main things. Have value or solve a problem then money can come. It's the value people don't have that has made them to start selling their body for money. Don't blame men for taken advantage of you when you can refuse. No one can force you against your wish. If a lady give you money. Do the same to her. It's easier to spend money than to keep it. Use the same money to invest in your life. Be concerned about your future. Women has not gone anywhere they are always around us. Let your future be what you think about all the time. When you are successful women would love to stay with you. Then you will be very selective. 

You are very important to be tormented by a woman. Don't beg a lady for love when you are interested. If she is given you a tough times. Just relax and focus on your goals but don't let her life be affecting you. When she sees you progressing she might be the one showing interest. But still apply wisdom.

We have some genuine ones who are concerned about your future rather than the money. Apply wisdom when given but don't let it affect your life. A lady will be expecting money from someone without no form of business transaction. Let's put a stop to it. If both partners are given to make the relationship work. They would not want it to collapse but if it's one sided. It might be a journey to an end because the other ones believe he is doing you a favour whereas it's not. No one will be happy to keep on doing it. That's why relationship should not be one sided. If someone realises that this is the kind of person I would love to marry in the future. He will try as much as possible to satisfy him.

It does not make you not to tell each other the truth about life. What I don't like about you and if she is defensive you will know from your communication. Don't give a lady money because of sex. Not all ladies are for you to sex. Don't enter a relationship to frustrate someone. Sincerity and happiness are the key which can guide you to do the right things. Ladies should stop begging for money to satisfy their financial needs when they can work it out. If this issues can be taken care of. We would have lesser conflict in marriage and contentment from the wife. Give money to those who appreciate it. Don't say I will be beautiful for you when you can also give him to make him look more handsome. Generosity is a blessing if they are paying you back what you have done.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord

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