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No reward for exposing nudity.

Seemingly to understand the reward attached to exposing the nudity of someone because of a fight between two people who love and trust to keep their secret. It is only a sex pervert that can do that. Why will a lover be asking his spouse for nudity when you have been seeing each other nakedness before.

There are some important things you need chatting for rather than asking for a nudity. Exposing the nudity of your former lover to the world is bad and need not to be encouraged. She is now cheap to you after seeing the picture. Can we say that they used a love potion on you or because of money? How would you know that he will use it against you ?

This act will make people not to really love and trust deeply. Even if you are in love you should not ask for such from your partner. Nudity is not the blessing you should be craving to have. Look at other things that matters to your life and focus on it. We should speak up on sending nudity to your lover on social media. Being in love should not make you to lose your sense.

A real lover will never asked you for nudity. Advocacy is needed for the ladies not losing their senses when dating. Don't say it doesn't happen to the men. We have it online for you to learn and confirm.It's better to be given an award for an impact than exposing the nudity of someone that you think it will make you happy and make them less of humans.

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Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord.

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