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[Concluding part] How A Young Man Was Lured For Sex After Getting The Job

This can't be exempted from our society who think it is only a woman that can be sexually abused. When the society believes a man is strong enough not to be tempted but these announcements  will tell anyone that it's not a particular gender who suffer pains from a slim choice in midst of surviving. But have never been bold enough to say it out except to the one they truly love. 

It's no longer new the attraction from a good looking man to that of a beautiful woman is higher and man can't be hiding himself from the eyes of the public. You need to search for something that will make your life meaningful.

You dare not speak up when you are faced with people the society holds in highest esteem. Who will believe you when the sexual offenders has her own family. Sex cases are getting higher and the techniques proves to be difficult because the solution is not yet there. The society is not taken note of whoever cannot be found in the midst of people. Do you know who can be found with such behaviour? They don't appear bad until what they have done fishes him out.

However, your behaviour can determine to some extent what you can really do at a close inspection. You may or may not agree but if you don't exhibit such trait in you. You can't indulge yourself in the act. A behaviour check will remind us that you cannot be totally free from your guilt. As a person who has no conscience living the life that no one would be proud of.

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Note:In God that I write.. Thank you Lord. 

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