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The Reason Why Young People Are Single.


Singleness is not something to be feeling bad about when your mate are getting married or have married. It's state to ask God for direction on your future spouse. Don't start looking for a spouse when God didn't tell you this is the one.But make sure you are not losing your focus on what that doesn't matter.

It's not out of place to ask your future partners about his or her body count. You should be happy as a person that your singleness is to hear from God not the regret that comes with your body count. Being single should give you all the time to read the Bible on your own and ask God to invite the holy spirit to open your hears of understanding. Your life has a person should reflect God's glory and power. 

One funny things about God is that he knows how weak you are in searching for a life partner so your prayers should focus on that alone and beg him for pardon and forgiveness if you have ever disobeyed his words. When a man makes the right choice of a partner he will realize that the word of God is real and has a blessing. Don't change your perspective about the word of God that remains truth to itself. Singleness is not an avenue to have a bad character or not to start having a business and not to chase greatness. It will be easier if your living the life God wanted from you. Singleness is the time you should prepare for your spouse. The responsibility of your children and what you have always desire in  living a good life in marriage that rest on God. When a man depends on God not to be a victim of wrong spouse. He or she will be avoiding many people who does not think as himself or herself. It's better to remain single than get frustrated in marriage. You should think about the journey of marriage that not all the time you will have someone to put you through. Take it to the Lord in prayers and fasting but your fasting should be based on your strength. And believe it can only be right with God. 

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Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord.

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