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Tribute to Diego Armando Maradona.

What a name is Diego Armando maradona,

What a star shinning brighter,

What a greatness in a man,

What a skilful player.

What a role model,

What a mentor,

What a life given and using it well,

What a story he has written. 

What an history in a football world,

What a proud son to his family and the world, 

You have done so well in life,

You have taught us that you could be anything in life.

As long as you don't give up, 

As long as people can pick interest in you,

As long as you are loved and celebrated,

As long as you have a passion.

As long as you can dream and Infact dream well,

As long as you can be called to do the work well,

As long as you belief in yourself, 

Learn from his mistakes and change your life,

Rip Legend, may he be forgiven. 

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord

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