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Beauty Versus The Character Of A Man.

I have been accused of being too serious about life, 

But I will crack joke a little, 

Since I can do that for you to enjoy, 

I hail thee these great men, 

Your sweet talk is a follow come. 

I love this girl sincerely, 

I have seen her in my dream, 

I have prayed and fasted, 

I came to be her messiah, 

Why won't I love her with all this package. 

My eyes can't ignore this, 

God have mercy I will like to stay put to this temptation, 

Once he had sex with you, 

He will care less about you, 

He has achieved the reason why he came to you. 

A lady easily love a man, 

Once you start misbehaving, 

She losses interest in you, 

All this introduction is to bring you, closer to the reason why I am writing this article. 

Real men are not lose with sex, 

Real men keep their body for marriage, 

Virginity is not only meant for a woman, 

Don't joke with prayers over your life, 

Don't be carried away by his looks. 

Devil can be a beauty to behold, 

What's his character like?

Pretence or honesty, 

Humble or pride, 

Respect or disrespectful, 

Nice or Wicked, 

Sharp tongue or calmness,

Tolerance or bad temper. 

Don't be carried away by his generosity, 

After the sex he start showing his attitudes, 

How cheap you were, 

Look beyond a man with his appearance, 

Look beyond a man who is calm. 

Look beyond a man who you think he is proud, 

Look beyond a man who does not relate well, 

Does he take you as his first priority? 

Does he care to know about your ambition? 

Does he take people for granted and concludes that no one is perfect when he knew it was a deliberate action?

Does he give people pain, frustration and agony? 

Does he pull others down? 

Does he gossip and backbite? 

Does he support personal growth and development? 

Does he cares about your siblings? 

Does he abuse your family?

Can he cooks for you?

Can he believes in you?

Can he encourage you to be great?

Can he love you with your imperfection? 

Can he acknowledge that others are great? 

Can he be fair in dealing with people in business?

Can he celebrate your goodness? 

Can he celebrate your love? 

Can he plan to build a house? 

Can he acknowledges his mistake? 

Can he be tested and trusted?

Can he fear God and ask other men to do the right thing in marriage and life? 

Can he ask for forgiveness from other men? 

Can he ask for your forgiveness? 

Can he be of help? 

Can his "No" be "No"? 

Can his "Yes" be "Yes"? 

Can he encourage you to start a business? 

Can you be satisfied with his behaviour? 

Can he be proud of you? 

Can he encourage you not to lose hope in God? 

Can he be happy with your progress? 

Can he be opened up about his past relationship?

Can you marry him a virgin or non-virgin? 

Can his body satisfy you? 

Can he love you without condition? 

Can he take care of you when you are down? 

Can he learn how to carry the baby? 

Can he apologize to you when wrong? 

Can he be everything you desire in him?

Can he still be strong with God?

Can he keeps given to God and others? 

Can he be sobered when he sinned?

Can he wish others well? 

Can he be proud of his own people? 

Can he be accommodating? 

Can he accommodate your in law?

Can he still be in love with people's welfare? 

Can he still be faithful to you?

Can you still love him when he is old and losing form?

Can you still love him without money? 

Can you marry him from another religion? 

Do you know why he stop having  many friends?

Can he still care for the family?

Can he still keep recording many successes?

Can he still be loved by many people? 

What makes the world to admire your family? 

Does he feel bitter about others progress/success?

Can he be teachable?

Can he be a voice to other men?

Can he bear pain and hardship? 

Can he stop chasing women?

When he knows marriage is for a lifetime? 

Does he think about what's leaving behind? 

Does he cares for your family? 

What will the world remember him for? 

Does he thinks about making heaven? 

Does he think about death? 

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write... Thank you Lord. 

Graciously Eminent thinker of our time 

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