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Lesson To Be Learnt From DNA Test Saga.


(1)When God warn us to marry as a virgin knew what he was saying. 

(2)You are married. You are  married. No two way to it.

(3)Don't be secretive in relationships or marriage. Be opened to each other.

(4)There will always be a crush whether you are in a relationship or marriage. 

(5)What you desire in another person should be taught in your spouse. 

(6)Don't think that you are cunning when being unfaithful to your spouse. Your secret will soon be opened.

(7)Think about the future of your biological children before embarking on infidelity. 

(8)It's your choice to cheat with your partner. Sex should not be the cause of cheating. It is one of the reason why you have gotten married. So, don't sex starve your partner. 

(9)Your family should be popular in the media for the right reason not a show of shame and disgrace. 

(10)Don't avoid prayers and fasting when you are married. Marriage doesn't cure lust. With God putting you through you should avoid every appearance of temptation. 

(11)Side chicks does not add value to your life. You are digging your grave gradually. 

(12)When God tells people that don't have sex outside marriage. You think that you know more than him. Your given more rooms for the devil to control your lives. 

(13)Don't be bitter when you see a man excelling, respected, appreciated and loved when he or she is being faithful to the vow of marriage. 

(14)That's why it is not advisable to marry someone who have had sex with countless people before marriage. It takes God for them to stop it. 

(15)You need self control and discipline when you are married. 

Thanks for the reading pleasure! 

Note:In God that I write... Thank you Lord. 

Graciously Eminent thinker of our time 

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