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Marry your type of person.


A non-virgin marry a non-virgin,

A cheat marry a cheat,

An understanding and respectful man marry an understanding and respectful woman,

An highly strict and principled man marry an highly strict and principled woman,

A virgin marry a virgin,

A stingy woman marry a stingy man,

A body odour man marry a body odour woman,

A fraudster man marry a fraudster woman,

A mouth odour man marry a mouth odour woman.

A sex addict man marry a sex addict woman,

A man with a great future marry a woman with a great future,

An illiterate man marry an illiterate woman,

An educated man marry an educated woman,

A lenient woman marry a lenient man,

A devil man marry a devil woman,

A drama king marry a drama queen.

A jealousy man marry a jealousy woman,

An envious man marry an envious woman,

A brilliant man marry a brilliant woman,

A proud man marry a proud woman,

A loud mouthed woman should marry loud mouthed man.

A supportive man should marry a supportive woman,

A nice man should marry a nice woman,

A dirty woman should  marry a dirty man,

An hardworking man should marry an hardworking woman,

A liar and deceitful man should marry a liar and deceitful woman.

A religious man should marry a religious woman,

An humble man should marry an humble woman,

A calm man should marry a calm woman,

A trouble maker man should marry a trouble maker woman,

An honest and sincere man should marry an honest and sincere woman.

A beautiful woman should marry an handsome man,

A good man should marry a good woman,

A Christian man marrying a Christian woman,

A gossiper man marrying a gossiper woman,

A God fearing man marry a God fearing woman,

A heaven conscious man marry a heaven conscious woman,

A holy and righteous man marry a holy and righteous woman.

This analysis will put a stop to many issues in marriage. 

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write..... Thank you Lord

Graciously Eminent thinker of our time

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