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People Needs To Be Delivered By God.

All members of the church in this world needs to be delivered by God. The house of God will always be powerful to a man who was called by him. And that is how you will be able to complete God's given assignment here on earth.

The devil is not to be closed to because he came to change your ways from God. In the house of God you will see a fraudster, a wife's beater, unrepentant liar, real deceiver, unsubmissive wives, ,greediness, adulterers, enemy of progress,smokers,enviness, hatred,lust, pride, ritualist and wickedness amongst others. 

Even the so called man of God will not constantly be preaching against it because of some benefits attached to it. 

One beautiful things about God is that you will give account of how you spent your life here on earth on the judgement day. So, no one will lie that it was not me that did this. 

If a man of God want to deliver people he should focus on the highlighted points. That's the main reason why progress is not rapid as it ought to be in the world. The church of God should be a problem solver and not add to a burden being given to each one to carry about. As you know that you are not completely free from the challenges of life. 

The devil in us is our bad character. Good character or virtue is priceless to anyone who want to change a life. The devil has been criticised by people who are yet to look into their behaviours. When a man has a good character he cannot be referred to a devil.

He is living the life God has given to him. It might take time to achieve this decaying societal behaviour but if we are ready to change it. It's possible in us and for us. Until we tired of being the devil then you can't change your ways. 

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord.

Graciously Eminent thinker of our time

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