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The Danger Of Premarital Sex.


I want to add my voice to this subject matter that's gradually getting it too difficult for people to stop. Until I have sex with her I am not sure if I will marry her. One funny things about premarital sex is that the person you have had sex with will leave you for another. In your leisure time just Google search the mystery of DNA and you have found out. If it is worth celebrating. 

That's the truth because he has tasted  what makes you a woman. When someone like you walk up to you for love. You need to be careful with the person because those who are eager for your body will not tell you. Once a woman who knows the implications of premarital sex. You will not indulge in it. A man who does not ask you for sex in a relationship is not impotent.

He is taken his time and reflecting on the danger of sleeping with a lady you don't know who her life sexual history is. You should be scared to start the action what if something happens to you during the process of having sexual intercourse. It is not an achievement to be proud of a lady you have had sex with. Don't say you can't control your sexual urge. Why is that the Bible says Proverbs 6:32"He who commits adultery with a woman is void of understanding. He who does it destroys his own soul.

"To make you think deeply read Hosea 2 VS 4 I will not show my love to her children because they are the children of adultery. So, he did mean what he is saying to us his children.

Let anyone calls you the name they like on total abstinence. You don't need to be moved about it. They just want you to be like them. 

You need to understand the facts that sex is only allowed in marriage. And the great mistake is you not reading your Bible very well. If you do you would have come across the portion that says Marriage is honourable in all and make your bed undefiled. God shall judge the adulterer and whoremongers. Hebrew 13 vs 4.

This facts was written many years ago and cannot be changed for anyone except you obey what it is telling you. You only know yourself but be careful with whoever you are closed with. They might have a mission to mock you when they know what you stand for. This is not easy to do but when you are constantly reminding yourself that the word of God must be obeyed. You will ask him for grace to enjoy it when you are married. Those who can't but keep having sex are doing more harm than good. No one force you to have sex with someone but don't involve anyone as the cause of your problem.

The ideas of sexual urge being controlled all the time is your worry. When you are not given a position to move higher in life with your multiple sexual partners. You need to stop wasting your destiny and glory on a woman which the Bible confirm by itself on Proverbs 31:3-Don't spend all your energy on sex and all your money on women; they have destroyed kings. There is no further prove that this sensitive topics has changed the destiny of a man who is yet to overcome his battles of life. We want to taste all women who will add to our list of lady I have slept with. But we are saying what have I done to people and the one who sent me. When a man prays fervently and fast as long as his or her strength can take. He will be shown who is divine husband or wife will be. A man need not to rush because of age factors because if you do you will have yourself to be blamed. Forever is too long to start having issues in the early stage of marriage. You are to prepare for it everyday of your life. This issues is one of the main reasons why marriage break up. You have had sex with as many as possible and you now expect to get a reserve one. You are not nice.

You should go for the one you have had sex with as many times as possible. So that you will know that what you did was wrong in the first place. 

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord

Graciously Eminent thinker of our time

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