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How To Curb A Womanizing Spirit.


They are dangerously many,

Different shapes and sizes, 

Looking for who to destroy their glory, 

Oh God! save the weak and fragile. 

They are being used by the devil,

To put an end to life,

Don't let the son of man be perished by their lies and deceit,

Men don't joke with the temptation of a woman.

Pray, fast and ask God for grace,

Never go a day without asking God for a direction,

You are not as powerful as the temptation of a woman,

I beseech you to cry to God.

Where someone would be so powerful not to be tempted by a woman,

I tell you solemnly, don't ignore this calling, 

Run to God to be saved,

Men are losing their honour, glory and power. 

On a strange woman, 

Let God build you until no man on earth can harm you.

Note:In God that I write.... Thank you God.

Graciously Eminent thinker of our time. 

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