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Mission Impossible(A Story On The Zero Hunger Xmas Project)

First of all, I know say you go dey surprised and your mind go dey run wild say wetin be zero hunger Xmas. Some people  wey dey familiar with the movie hunger games, for don get a little idea of the picture we dey try paint.

The name attached to this massive project by the number 1 online Radio station ”Pidgin Radio” dey coined from the C.E.O himself Ovie Clement.

As Oga patapata, Ovie as usual dey awake at night dey reason how him go take build the brand when the project to give back to the society drop for him mind. As we all sabi say nobody be island, him relate this idea to the management of the Radio, them stamp the idea and give am carry go for management level.

Felix wey be the Head of the creative department na him dem assign make him lead the project. The team gather support, every one contribute their own quota and with the help of our partners and sponsors the project become one of the very best.

Many  big  organisations wey don do this kind things dey do am at a price tag but Pidgin Radio with the help of partnership and sponsorship make am absolutely free and a memorable one.
On the 19th of December 2018, the entire Pidgin Radio team gather for Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria for Morning to gather the gift items together wey we go give out.

With the help and support of friends, gift items were moved to Atiku street, where the charity work  take place. As we land to the location Children start to dey show, the children wey turn up, the team notice say most of them never see Father Christmas(Santa Clause) before for their life. Our father Xmas turn up sharperly and the children dey very happy to see am.

The children dey engaged in different types of games in which gifts dey shared out. The smile alone for children face dey priceless. At the climax of the event, we allow all the pikin weh dey available get a one on one contact with Santa and Santa too dey very generous as him give them hin own gift.

The children later comot go their respective house and the Radio team comb other street and close weh they the environment. Each and every house one after the other received their own package for Christmas. Afterwards when all the gift we carry go finish, the entire staff of the Radio retire to collect fresh breeze and also collect light refreshment.

With that the radio call am a rap for the year 2018 and the memory of the great success of the project still remain for our heart.

The entire Pidgin Radio team wan use this medium appreciate all the people wey put mouth and hand make the project a success. Our major sponsors, Lagos chops and Kossy Kolture we appreciate you wella for believing in our dream and vision.

To our able partners; Mebsun Pro Tennis, Skyplus Entertainment and Media services, Hesomes clothing, Ferryland, Global Social Thinkers Institute and Joeey Foundation. We say a very big thank you for being a part of this great project.

To the entire team and staff of Pidgin Radio, we say kudos to una. Lastly we wan give praise and thanks to the one wey make the project a success, the one wey even keep us alive see the day we say thank you God, U do well. Pidgin Radio 100% for the Music 100% for the Culture.                                                          
Note:This is a blessing from God.Who has been given us the things we needed in life.I pray that we won't offend him one day.This is the season of love to our immediate community on the day of Christmas. We love and appreciate your kind gestures.Peace and blessing from us to you                                                          
                                                                                                                               OMOBOYEDE ADEDAPO(2019)


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