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My Life Part 7

The next day the manager of the company called all of them together to discuss the way forward for the organization. All others are yet to settle down.Sorting out which seat will be suitable. All at once they got whatever they wanted in a quick notice.The manager of the company opened the discussion to inform the staff about the progress happening in their various department.

Some said it is getting better unlike when we started others really good but need more push to make it better.The chairman said the first quarter of the year,company was rewarding because we have all shown professionalism in discharging our duties.

That's a good one for the entire organization. I really appreciated your presence for this meeting. It was indeed worthwhile. We hope to achieve the best as the foremost organization across the globe. It all ended on a good note. The remarks by the manager of the company. To be continued later

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Note:I thank God for his grace upon my life. Even though there is an appointed time for the greatness. In which God has never failed people but kept his promises till the end of time. This article came from the throne of mercy and grace(God the major sources of power).
To God be the glory for this he has done,will still do and continue doing.

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time).

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