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How To Maintain Good Mental Health

I was very privileged to write this article because it came as a surprise. I was about to leave where I was. Suddenly I conceived a thought on what could be the way forward to mental health issues. This is simpler and easier to relate with.

(1)Have a tolerable ,easy going attitude towards yourself and others.

(2)Dissociate yourself from any act probably of putting you into trouble.

(3)Relate with things that gives you joy and satisfaction.

(4)If at all you have a problem, relate with your family members,religious father or health professional.

(5)Be calm and fear not. Always know there is a solution to every challenges of life.

(6)Take things easy as they come. There is strength in assuring the best methods to apply.

(7)See yourself as a change agent and can do virtually all things.

(8)Avoid any substance injurious to your health and well being

(9)Regularly exercise,eating right is to be considered for the body system.

(10)Don't accommodate depression when you know they can actually be get rid of.

(11)Be prayerful and trust in God

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note: I found favour in the sight of God. For he was a strong pillar to my life and to the world. He is good and ever faithful. I cannot do it alone. I pray to feel,see,understand and know more.

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