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[Male]Stop Masturbation Before It Destroy Your Glory

Masturbation is the deliberate efforts of giving yourself sexual pleasure when you are alone or not doing it with a woman. The organ in the body works at a particularly time and event. There Is no part of body that does not have a reason why they were created. It will function when it is required. Most of those people who masturbate a lot have been a victim of porn video or explicit art.

(1)Don't fantasy about sex:Don't think about sex when you are not married. Don't watch porn video or explicit art. Don't look too deep in a woman or watch half naked musical video. It's dangerous for anyone to grow up and make a difference. This two processes increase the urge for sex or masturbation.

(2)Don't look too deep in a woman or watch half naked musical video. This is one of the agenda of the Satan to lure people to more sin. Without them you can get more help and live comfortable life. Be careful your destiny is precious to you.

(3)Made a covenant with your eyes to see goodness and peace:If you can do this with good intentions. You will be free from every forms of the devil. Pray to see way out of every challenges of life. Concentrate on what makes you happy and the reason why you are living. This is better than expecting the eyes to see them as always.

(4)Avoid vulgar words and bad music:Don't surround yourself with bad music and vulgar words. It will definitely ring in your head. If care is not taken. Avoid bad friends influences the devil will be using for you.

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In God that I write..... Thank you Lord 

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