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Burna Boy Being Unfit For Grammy.

Burna boy is an afro beat singer who has been in the Nigeria entertainment industry for quite a number of years. He is a talented artiste who has shown his passion to give a melodious song and rhythmic flow even though some people question his good content.

Mind you he has been singing and at last favour smiles on him to be a partaker of the 2019 grammy nomination. He was in the same categories with a grammy holder Angelique kidjo and others.

This comparison has generated a lot of concern that Burna boy can't emerge victorious because of the nature of his song compare to her contemporary who sings with passion and having all the characteristics to make it most preferred.

For the grammy nomination, Burna boy received the best as an outstanding artiste because that has been the dream and aspiration of many artiste in the world. Using the word outstanding is necessary, you surely have to acquire a special talents or skills to be in that categories.

Burna boy has made Nigeria proud, by being categorize amongst the international star. Perhaps Burna boy has learnt his lesson so he needs to work harder and consider that his music needs a wider audience to claim the grammy and more professionalism.

He can also take the time to listen to the song of Angelique kidjo why her song was most preferred. This is a lesson to all Nigeria and Africans that you should not just sing about women, car and all.

Your music should correct the ills in the society or state categorically how an ideals society should be like. I think that was what they saw in Angelique Kidjo that made her yet another grammy award winner. Burna boy needs a lot of improvement to claim the award next time.

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