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[Part 2][End Sars]-The Peaceful Protest Has Turned Bloody.


It's no longer news that the Nigerians have taken the bull by the horn to demand for their right which have started in almost all the thirty-six of the federation. There is a provision in the constitution to exercise their civic right and responsibility without vandalism.People have said that the protesters have abused their rights by burning the police station and which resulted into the government killing the innocent ones.If what you are fighting for is genuine then you don't need to vandalize government property. 

If it's a sane country their would not have been an elongation of the protest because they are feeling it the most. The government believes that they are restoring peace and order in the country that have made inflation in the economy. The government in power needs to address the nations. The curfew pronounced would only make the protesters restrategize and wait for the government to lift the curfew. The government should not wait until things get out of hands before they do something to suppress the heat facing the nations. A mono economy nations of ours would not want to learn and start doing something to diversify the economy. They would believe that the tension has dropped. They have the will power to move the country forward if they are ready.Nothing is stopping the government to find a lasting solution to the issues as it affects a common man on the street.

This is not a listening government who still remembers the oat of the office to extend the dividend of democracy to the public. No doubt you will be moved by the innocent ones that was killed and perhaps spraying bullet to scare people away has resulted to untimely death. The government did not approach the issues logically. They came to end the issues in which they were still been a part of. When you know that you were guilty  of something, you should apply wisdom to make it work. There is nothing wrong with Nigeria except a good leadership. It is rather unfortunate to begin regretting a country that has been taken the lead in a developed countries. Our own people making us proud elsewhere.Our leaders know what to do to move this country forward. They traveled a lot and can see what Nigeria needed but they wouldn't want to do it.

They are not interested in the business of Nigeria. The masses should unite and do not keep quiet on what is making suffering a part of our lives. They should learned from this protest and stop intimidating us with killing of people. This has gone to the history of Nigeria a day peaceful protest was turned bloody. Government that should be strategic needs to be careful on the masses. Killing the innocent ones would not mean that a leader is getting it right. Beautiful history is the dream of all people because they will always remember it for good. It is better to start effecting changes in your locality than to lead and cause a deep holes in the heart of their biological parents. 

Something has changed as we have seen the reduction in the fuel price if the news is true and which the government refuses to reduce initially. They thoughts this would reduce the agitation and make us happy. Those who are gone are gone.What if it's their children won't they feel it the more. The government didn't see it as a right of the masses to protest so they came in with force to disturb the movement and killed the innocent ones. The lesson here is that you can't change your name to the evil you have done for the people. He gave us to be responsible for our actions. Peace, love, mercy, long life and unity will always intercede on our behalf. As a concerned Nigeria... It is well with us.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write... Thank you Lord.

Graciously Eminent thinker of our time

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